Keep Hope Alive Block Party (KHABP), 2013


Whenever the inequitable distribution of resources crosses into territories once thought impossible, Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) has responded with a public party to highlight the achievements of various oligarchies and plutocracies in a manner that is less painful to those who must suffer the injustice. The first installment was in Sheffield, UK, highlighting the city’s […]

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A Public Misery Message: A Temporary Monument to Global Economic Inequality, 2012


CAE transforms statistical data on global economic inequality into an embodied spatial experience. Using a helicopter, participants are lifted to hover at a height that allows them to visualize the economic separation of the top 1% from the bottom 99%.   A Public Misery Message: A Temporary Monument to Global Economic Inequality CAE first envisioned […]

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Winning Hearts and Minds (WHaM), 2012


100 days of public programming.

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Underground Tarot, 2011


A series of freighted image/text constructions designed to illicit political free association among viewers. Like tarot deck icons, the images absorb whatever meaning a viewer wish to project on them. While the images are clearly political in some manner, there can be no certainty as whose politics is represented. The images were repeated at ten […]

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Radiation Burn, 2010


CAE simulates a dirty bomb.  

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Concerned Citizens of Kyoto, 2010


National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan. CAE notices that the museum is underused if not completely unrecognized by the majority of the city’s population. In order to change perceptions, CAE initiates a campaign to give away free beer and cigarettes. When a diverse range of people come to the museum for beer, they also […]

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Tactical Media Workshop, 2002


Eyebeam, New York City, CAE and Beatriz da Costa

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Renaming Project, Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia, 2002


Local citizens had been requesting/demanding that the city council dual-name Victoria Square with its local aboriginal counterpart “Tarndanyungga.” (Dual naming has recently become a fairly standard Australian social policy). The council neither refused nor consented. Frustrated by this situation, it was decided by the tribal Elders, local activists, and a variety of concerned parties that […]

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Halifax Begs Your Pardon!, Halifax Nova Scotia, Tactical Media Workshop, 2002


CAE and Beatriz da Costa, in collaboration with local activists and artists

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Child as Audience, 2001


Child as Audience was done in collaboration with Creation is Crucifixion and the Carbon Defense League. This package, designed primarily for teenage boys, offers a host of radical software, instructions on how to hack a GameBoy, a hard core CD, and a pamphlet on the oppression of youth.

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