Radio Bikes, 2000


ESC Gallery, Graz. CAE, Paul Vanouse, and Faith Wilding, in collaboration with local activists and artists, created bikes designed for nomadic broadcast. Broadcasts were detournements of fascist news items.

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The International Campaign for Free Alcohol and Tobacco for the Unemployed, Sheffield, 1998


An action designed to create a sense of what public space could be when not dominated by the commodity.

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Diseases of Consciousness, 1997


Diseases of Consciousness is a human scale web presentation designed as an equivalent to easel painting and opposing the predominant monumental web work. The project constitutes a mini encyclopedia of case histories of the many new afflictions and pathologies that can strike consciousness in the world of global capital.

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Looks Different Tastes the Same, 1992


Freedom of Expression exhibition and auction. Metro Pictures, NYC.

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