Graveyard of Lost Species,
Leigh-on-Sea, UK, 2016.

The Souvenir installed on Leigh Creek marsh

Graveyard of Lost Species is a temporary monument by artists YoHa and Critical Art Ensemble, commissioned by Arts Catalyst. The collaborative project celebrates the local tradition of wrecking boats on the salt marsh which in turn act as a concrete but decaying memory of what has passed. Graveyard of Lost Species records and acknowledges wildlife, […]

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A Temporary Monument to North American Energy Security, Nuit Blanche, 2014.


In Nathan Philips Square (at Toronto City Hall), CAE created a monument that contrasts corporate and environmentalist arguments regarding extraction industries. The dialogue begins with a piece of corporate art extolling the benefits of unregulated extraction.

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Cuencas Laboratory, 2014


Cuencas Laboratory was series of meetings, lectures, dialogues, roundtables, meals, tours, drifts, and explorations centering around strategic reterritorializations of the watershed region of Argentina that could function as an alternative model to imperial capitalism. The primary participants in this project were: Ala Plastica, Critical Art Ensemble, Brian Holmes, Eduardo MolinarI, Sarah Lewison, Joan Vila Puig, Graciela Carnevale, and […]

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Sterile Field, Halle 14,
Leipzig, 2013


Sterile Field was a presentation of the havoc placed on field ecology by RoundUp Ready crops. Most fields have numerous plants and species that share space with crops. Some life cycles, such as those dependent on milk weed, which grows in and around the fields, collapse because elements of the field food chain are so […]

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New Alliances, 2011-12


In collaboration with Parco Arte Vivente, CAE develops a workshop and action to plant endangered flowers on public lands and urban social space endangered by developers, thus conferring the legal status of the plants onto the spaces—most notably, to protect Parco Arte Vivente from loss of space due to austerity measures in Italy.   Reinventing […]

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Peep Under the Elbe, 2008


Peep Under the Elbe was a project on water quality in the forgotten neighborhood of Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg. The city had given up monitoring the canals and wetterns in this area. Wilhelmsburg is an island neighborhood of immigrants and German working poor that is criss-crossed with polluted waterways. CAE attempted to find where the safest […]

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