Acceptable Losses, 2013


Acceptable Losses is an exhibition that examines quantitative representations of death. Following the Guerrilla Girls’ social contextualization of raw numeric data to construct narratives about gender disparity in the art world of Manhattan, Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) pushes this technique in order to examine which forms of human sacrifice are acceptable within US society and […]

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Immolation, 2008, video installation, 5 minute loop


This video installation addresses the use of incendiary weapons on civilians after the Geneva Convention and the Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Incendiary Weapons of October 1980. The video chronicles the major war crimes of the United States involving these weapons on a (macro) landscape level, and contrasts it with the […]

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Seized, 2008


Seized is a installation that documents all the work and household objects that were confiscated from Steve Kurtz’s home after the FBI raid in May 2004. It also displays all the trash the FBI left behind.

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Germs of Deception, 2005-7


This installation chronicles the major hoaxes used over the past century to trick governments into establishing germ warfare programs (primarily by various sectors of the military seeking to increase their budgets); it also documents the tricks used by governments to convince various publics that germ warfare programs were necessary for national security. The installation itself […]

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The Body Proud, 2003


A review of the correlation between full body meltdown and the intensification of the techno-sphere. The Body Proud presents a video that tracks the boom in therapeutic services, psychiatric drugs, physical therapy, and mental hospital expansion. The broken bodies themselves are provided by attendees who get a massage.

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True Crime, 1997


True Crime was a project that came in both 2-D and performative forms. The public was asked to bring a piece that in some way chronicled a crime they had committed. Crimes were mostly drugs and work scams, but other like illegal border crossing and some major felonies made their way into the show. This […]

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Shareholders Briefing, 1996


A mock performative meeting in which attendees are briefed on the latest advancements in information, communication, military and bio technology and what it will mean for better control of the body, of personal and public expression, and of macro populations “of interest.” The performance ends with the projected profits from the control industry. Charts and […]

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