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After Terror Charges, Artist Exhibits Academic Freedom
The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 18, 2008
By Robin Wilson

Exhibit showcases Buffalo artist's legal battle
AP News, July 11, 2008
By Carolyn Thompson

Art preview: Kurtz makes use of what agents left behind [PDF]
The Buffalo News, June 6, 2008
By Colin Dabkowski

Kurtz exhibit inspired by FBI probe
Buffalo Business First, June 2, 2008
By Jodi Sokolowski

A Life Turned Upside Down: Steve Kurtz's art gained wide audience as FBI came knocking [PDF]
The Buffalo News, April 26, 2008
By Andrew Galarneau

Esmonde: Kurtz's Case Provides View of Big Brother [PDF]
The Buffalo News, February 27, 2008
By Donn Esmonde

Gentry Chandler Ferrell’s Statement Concerning Her Father Dr. Robert Ferrell’s Plea Bargain
October 11, 2007

The artist on trial for owning a Petri dish [PDF]
The London Daily Telegraph
By Lynn Hershman Leeson

Strange Culture
The Nation
By Patricia J. Williams

Scientist tied to Kurtz case pleads guilty
Buffalo News
By Dan Herbeck

Artist says his prosecution is persecution
The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon
By Bob Keefer

Berlinale Dispatch. Strange Culture
GreenCine Daily
By David D'Arcy

Filmmaker documents case against professor
By Dan Herbeck
The Buffalo News, December 29, 2006

Review of Lynn Hershman's film "Strange Culture"
By Gabriella Giannachi
The film tells the story of the case and features Greg Bordowitz, Steve Dietz, Robin Held, Claire Pentecost, and Nato Thomson. It will be screened at Sundance.

Saying No to the Prosecutor: Why Did Steve Kurtz's Colleagues Refuse to Testify to the Grand Jury?
The Buffalo Report, June 20, 2004
By Bruce Jackson

Review of CAE's Marching Plague, July 7, 2006
By Randall Packer

The Critical Art Ensemble's Biological Defense Program: Marching Plague
CounterPunch, July 13, 2006
By Stan Cox

Trial, and book launch, of indicted artist move forward
The Associated Press, May 18, 2006
By Carolyn Thompson

The Collective Conscious
The New York Times, March 5, 2006
By Holland Cotter

Making art brings criminal charges
San Francisco Chronicle
By Kenneth Baker

Steve Kurtz Speaks
CIRCA Art Magazine
compiled by Mary Garboden

Terror Hysteria Gone Absurdist
The Nation. Aug. 1st, 2005
By Alisa Solomon

The $256 Question July 25th, 2005
By Stan Cox

Amateur Science, A Threat After All?
Beatriz da Costa

Bioterror pursuit ensnares scientists
Monsters and Critics. Jun 16, 2005
By Steve Mitchell

Kurtz view his prosecution as 'fanaticism'
The Buffalo News: May 18th, 2005
By Dan Herbeck

Artist says charges against him are political
Associated Press: May 17th, 2005
By Carolyn Thompson

Bioarts, Bioterror and the CAE: Resurgences in Authoritarianism and Molecular Creativity
College Quarterly - Vol 8 No 2
By Chris Babin

Art or Bioterrorism?
International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation
By Margaret E. Kosal

Colleague Testifies in Case of Artist's Germ Use
The New York Times: April 20, 2005

Professor faces jail in bio-terror scare
The Observer February 27, 2005
By Robin McKie

Judge Asked to Dismiss Fraud Charges Against Case
The Buffalo News January 30, 2005
By Dan Herbeck

Artist's attorney seeks dismissal of case
Associate Press February 2, 2005
By Carolyn Thompson

The FBI, the Arts, and a UB Professor:
A Post-9/11 Scandal Over Artistic Freedoms

By Julie Perini

The United States of America vs. Steven Kurtz
Artforum September 2004

When Art is a Crime: Meeting Kurtz
Counterpunch November 30, 2004

Artist Resuming Work After Terrorism Probe
AP September 24, 2004

Artist Ensnared by Patriot Act
Art in America September 2004
By Stephanie Cash

University Explores Art and Government
Newsday September 14, 2004
By Carolyn Thompson

BioCrimes and Misdemeanors
Washington Dispatch August 17, 2004
By Edward McSweegan

Buffalo case highlights MTAs
The Scientist August 09, 2004
By Paula Park

Patriot Act Bullying Stirs Stronger Opposition
Freedom Socialist August 2004
By Allen Thompson

Bad Art
AlterNet July 28th, 2004
By Annalee Newitz

UB Art Professor Appears in Federal Court
WIVB-TV4 July 28th, 2004

Artist not interested in plea over bio-materials
Newsday July 28th, 2004
By Carolyn Thompson

The Patriot Act -- Who's being targeted?
Baltimore Sun July 23rd, 2004
By Jonathan Turley

Hometown of Utopia and Dissent
The New York Times July 23rd, 2004
By Holland Cotter

The Providence Phoenix July 19th, 2004
By Alexander Provan

Art Investigation Case Grinds On, Kurtz Experiments Curtailed
The New Standard July 15th, 2004
By Brendan Coyne

SUNY Buffalo art: It's not bio-terror, but is it illegalanyway?
CNN Headline News July 13th, 2004
By Al Matthews

Judge rejects government request to monitor purchases made by Kurtz
The Buffalo News July 9, 2004
By Matt Gryta

What if next-door neighbor is a biological 'artist'?
The Buffalo News July 9, 2004
By Daniel Walker

Artist likely to plead not guilty over bacteria
The Globe and Mail July 8, 2004
By James Adams

Artist likely to plead not guilty over bacteria
The Globe and Mail July 8, 2004
By James Adams

McCarthyism Watch - Artists Protest Investigation of Steve Kurtz
The Progressive June 26, 2004
By Matthew Rothschild

Anti-biotech Artist Indicted for Possessing 'Harmless' Bacteria
PDF of article
The New Standard July 6, 2004
By Brendan Coyne

Professor Is Indicted Over Procuring Biological Materials for Art
PDF of article
New York Times July 1, 2004
By Mel Gussow

Ashcroft's War on Art, Sanitized for Your Protection
Counterpunch June 29, 2004
By Stan Cox

The Arts: Friends, peers support artist investigated for bioterror
The News Tribune June 30, 2004
By Jen Graves

Art professor indicted over biological materials
USA Today June 30, 2004
By Carolyn Thompson

Pitt Professor Indicted over Biological Materials
KDKA June 30, 2004

Bacteria in home of art professor spurs indictment on fraud charges
The Buffalo News June 30, 2004
By Dan Herbeck

Pitt professor indicted on fraud charge
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 30, 2004
By Joe Fahy

Two Indicted in Bio-Art Case
Wired June 29, 2004

In N.Y., Case Of Germs Shifts From Bioterror To Moral Error
Washington Post June 30, 2004
By Rebecca Dana

Federal probe of Kurtz drawing to a close
Buffalo News June 29, 2004
By Dan Herbeck

The paranoid persecution of Steve Kurtz
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 27, 2004
By Martin E. Rosenberg Ph.D.

Art in the Age of Terror The perils of practicing subversive art in Buffalo.
Valley Advocate June 24, 2004
By Dan Oppenheimer

Letter to Mary Kunz and the Buffalo News: " never did get it..."
Buffalo Report June 22, 2004
By Ed Cardoni

Jury Still Out on Kurtz
North Adams Transcript June 22, 2004
By Carrie Saldo

A Dangerous Mind?
Hartford Advocate June 24, 2004
By Dan Oppenheimer

Making Art a Crime (PDF)
Los Angeles Times June 15, 2004

Noonday in the Shade (PDF)
link to original NY Times article
New York Times June 22, 2004
By Paul Krugman

Travesty of Justice (PDF)
New York Times June 15, 2004
By Paul Krugman

Patriot Act used against artist
Adbusters June 23, 2004
By Paul Schmelzer

It May Be Even More Sinister Than It Appears: The Persecution of Steve Kurtz
Counterpunch June 17, 2004
By Ed Cardoni

Big Brother is watching
Berkshire Eagle June 20, 2004

Ex-CMU art prof entangled with Feds
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 20, 2004
By Jonathan D. Silver

Saying No to the prosecutor: Why Steve Kurtz's colleagues refused to testify to the grand jury
Buffalo Report June 20, 2004
By Bruce Jackson

MoCA and the FBI Where art, science and politics meet, the heat is on
The Berkshire Eagle
By Christopher Marcisz

FBI inquiry left Henry Art Gallery curator uneasy
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
By Regina Hackett

Freedom, Terror and Semiotic Democracy

Refuse and Resist May 25, 2004

FBI Targets The Critical Art Ensemble
Alt7 June 9, 2004

Critical Art Ensemble subpoenaed by the FBI
Constant's News May 31, 2004

Bacteria raid may lead to trial for artist tackling biodefence
Why Scientists should support an artist in trouble
Nature Magazine
By Geoff Brumfiel

NY bioterror case grinds on
The Scientist - June 17th, 2004
By John Dudley Miller

FBI's war against bio-art
The Berkshire Eagle June 10, 2004

Grand jury investigation would be MoCA artist
The North Adams Transcript - June 17th, 2004
By Carrie Saldo

The Persecution of Steve Kurtz
Counter Punch- June 17th, 2004
By Ed Cardoni

Six are said to resist grand jury
The Buffalo News - June 17th, 2004
By Dan Herbeck

Artist faces bioterror charges
The Scientist - June 15th, 2004
By John Dudley Miller

Bioterror grand jury trial begins for professor
New Scientist - June 15th, 2004

Art form draws terror scrutiny
The Buffalo News - June 15th, 2004

Grand jury investigates former CMU art professor
Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette
By Jonathan D. Silver

Art becomes the next suspect in America's 9/11 paranoia
The Guardian UK
By Gary Younge

SUNY Art Professor's Use of Bacteria Prompts a Federal Investigation and an Academic Chill
Chronicle of Higher Education
By Robin Wilson

Display Put On Hold
Capital New 9

Patriot Act hits home
North Adams Transcript
By Karen Gardner

Artist falls afoul of Patriot Act
Artist's use of 'harmless' bacteria spurs investigation

Christian Science Monitor- June 7th, 2004
By Tom Regan

Use of Bacteria in Art Leads to Federal Inquiry
NY Times - June 7th, 2004
By David Staba

Anti-terrorism agents investigate New York state artist
USA Today 
By Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press.

Subpoenas issued in case of artist who used bacteria
Newsday, NY
By Carolyn Thompson. BUFFALO, NY

Germs for Artsake?
LA Weekly - Jun 3, 2004
What does the FBI want with Steven Kurtz?
By Judith Lewis

Twisted Tale of Art, Death, DNA
Wired Online - Jun 04, 2004
By Mark Baard

The FBI's Art Attack (subscription required)
Washington Post - Jun 2, 2004

Grand Jury Investigating UB Art Professor's Work
Buffalo News

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Non-English Language News Coverage

Les artistes avec Kurtz contre la terreur judiciaire
vendredi 22 avril vril 2005

Artistas famosos se movilizan en apoyo
de Steve Kurtz, acusado de bioterrorismo

R. Bosco / S. Caldana

Intelligentes Sperma geht online
analyse + kritik August 2004
Interview Ryan Griffis; Übersetzung Miriam Edding

El fundador de Critical Art seenfrenta a 20 años de cárcel porcomprar bacterias por correo
El Pais August 29 2004

Biokunst der ProzessDas Verfahren gegen Steve Kurtz vom Critical Art Ensemble (German)
Die Tageszeitung
By Oliver Tolmein
July 17, 2004

Prof Zelf! (German)
Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung
July 12, 2004

Professoren wegen Online-Betrug vor Gericht (German)
July 09, 2004

Il caso Kurtz: un eccesso evidente (Italian)
Radio24 is the national news radio of the publishing group Il Sole 24 Ore (a financial daily and magazines cross-owned by Financial Times)

Un appello per Steven Kurtz (Italian)

Salvate il professor Kurtz(Italian)


Bioterrorismus, Kunst und Amerikanische Politik(Austrian)

FBI acusa Critical Art Ensemble de bioterrorismoIndyMedia (Brazilian)

biotehnologije, kloniranja i (Italian)

Bioteh-umetnik Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble) obtozen bioterorizmaInformator June 3, 2004(Italian)

Critical Art Ensemble, lottare contro accuse assurde.Heural Magazine June 4, 2004(Italian)

Critical Art Ensemble onder vuur in VSIndyMedia June 4, 2004(Dutch)

%C4>6=8:C 70?@5BOB @8A>20BL 10:B5@8O<8 8 35=0< June 8, 2004(Russian)

El último proyecto de CAE buscalos transgénicos de los alimentos
El Pais June 17, 2004 (Spanish)

Perché un artista può essere preso per un terrorista dall'FBI?(Italian)

Liberation (Francais) (Italian)

Anschlag auf die Kunst: Bioterrorismus, Kunst und Politik(Deutsch)
Florian Rötzer   04.06.2004

Vdovec, umetnik, bioterorist?(Slovenian)

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Radio New Coverage

Art or Terrorism? Buffalo Professor Faces 20 Yrs For Biotech Art
Democracy Now!
July 8th, 2004

The Bio-Blurb Show
WPS1 Art Radio NYC (internet)
June 29th, 2004 - July 5th, 2004 12:00pm

Panel Discussion with Curators, Artists, and NAOO Board President
KPFT (Pacifica) , Houston
June 25th, 2004

Report Says UB Art Professors Refuse to Testify Against Colleague
WBFO, 88.7 FM (NPR) , Buffalo
June 17th, 2004

Supporters Call for End of Federal Probe of UB Artist
WBFO, 88.7 FM (NPR) , Buffalo
June 16th, 2004

Wake-Up Call , 7:15 AM ET WBAI New York
June 16th, 2004

Karel Show, 7-10 PM PT KGO San Francisco ABC Radio
June 19th, 2004

NPR Morning Edition
June 14th, 2004

June 11th, 2004

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Television News Coverage

CNN Headline News
by Al Matthews
July 13th, 2004

June 15th, 2004

WIBV News 4
June 15th, 2004

Display On Hold
Capital New 9

MSNBC "Countdown"
May 29th, 2004
Length: 4:27

Quicktime: low | high

Complete MSNBC Segment
Length: 12:49
Quicktime: low

WIBV News 4 @ 11:00
May 13th, 2004
Length: 2:18

Quicktime: low | high

WIBV News 4 @ 11:00
May 12th, 2004

Quicktime: low | high

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Biotech Hobbyist Magazine
Natalie Jermijenko

Grand Jury is a Tool of Repression
A statement from the National Office of Refuse & Resist! February 9, 2004

Bush's 'sound science' | Turning a deaf ear to reality
The San Diego Union Tribune July 9th, 2004
By David Schubert

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