We are drafting a new petition to reflect the most recent developments in the case.
Please check back soon.

The letter below was initiated on June 6, 2004, and signed by the individuals below.

To whom it may concern,

The current persecution of Steve Kurtz, founding member of the arts collective, Critical Art Ensemble, requires our immediate and unqualified response. A Grand Jury has been convened at the behest of the FBI with the intent to collect evidence needed to indict Kurtz on charges of possessing biological materials that could be used for purposes of bioterrorism. We  also support others drawn into the case: since May 30th  six subpoenas have been issued to CAE members and other artists to appear before a grand jury on June 15th in Buffalo, NY: Adele Henderson, Chair of the Art Department at UB; Andrew Johnson, Professor of Art at UB; Paul Vanouse,  Professor of Art at UB; Beatriz da Costa, Professor of Art at UCI; Steven Barnes, FSU; and Dorian Burr (Added June 7th, 2004 3:00PM EST). 

An artist acting entirely within his legal rights to openly conduct public research on issues of biotechnology that affect all of us is being treated like a criminal. The freedom to participate in specialized fields in a manner opening them up to public scrutiny has become basic to democracy in a techno-scientific society.  The right of a group of individuals to legally acquire and share knowledge relevant to contemporary life is now jeopardized.

For almost two decades Critical Art Ensemble has produced and internationally exhibited art which addresses the politics of information, communications and biotechnology.  They have published five books and countless essays, and have been translated into thirteen languages.  Kurtz himself taught at Carnegie Mellon University for nine years and is currently Associate Professor at the State University of New York's University at Buffalo.

Critical Art Ensemble has very publicly and legally performed scientific processes to demystify them and make them accessible to audiences.  "Free Range Grains," CAE's latest project, includes a mobile DNA extraction laboratory for testing food products for possible transgenic contamination.  This and other equipment has been confiscated by the FBI although field and laboratory tests have shown that Kurtz's equipment was not used for any illegal purpose, nor is it possible to use this equipment for the production or weaponization of dangerous germs. Furthermore, any person in the US may legally obtain and possess such equipment.  The samples of bacteria found with Kurtz's lab are among the most common harmless strains used in educational institutions everywhere.

The implication of the current charges against Kurtz, given what we know about the evidence, is that it is illegal for a citizen to possess materials commonly used for research in legitimate institutions everywhere.  If we allow the government to call this terrorism, the effects will be felt not only by artists, academics, amateur scientists and researchers of all kinds but will exacerbate the chill  already being felt by institutional scientific research.  Over the past two years, many prestigious organizations of professional scientists have already issued statements warning that the increasing restraints on academic freedom are counterproductive to our nation's security. 

We insist that charges against Steve Kurtz be dropped before this prosecution does more damage to the values we most wish to protect.



Claire Pentecost
Associate Professor and Chair,Department of Photography, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,US

Lucia Sommer
artist,PhD student, Program in Visual & Cultural Studies, University of Rochester,USA

Tad Hirsch
Design Research,Research Assistant,US

Brooke Singer
Asst. Professor of New Media,SUNY Purchase,US

Richard Pell
Visiting Professor of Art,University of Michigan,US

Beverly Schlee ,Arizona State University,USA

Sally McKay ,Canada

citizen K ,USA

Santune frederique ,France

Wietse van Aerde ,The Netherlands

Dr. Matthew Fuller
Lector,Piet Zwart Institute,Netherlands

Jacques Servin ,USA

Mark Hogan
Graduate Student/ Researcher,University of California, Berkeley,USA

Minna L??ngstr??m

James Ruffini

Noortje ,Netherlands

Manu Luksch

Brett Lyman

Carmen Braun

the nadir collective ,germany

Renee Turner, Femke Snelting, Riek Sijbring ,De Geuzen: a foundation for multi-visual research,The Netherlands

Harry Smoak
Graduate Student,Georgia Institute of Technology,USA

Karin Hinterleitner ,BETACITY.DE,Germany

Zach Nation

LEJAULT francois
professor,Fine Art School, Aix en Provence,France

Robin Brasington
Gardener,Forever Elmwood,USA

annabelle herrada ,usa

Arvers Isabelle
New Media Curator,freelance/Pompidou Center-R??gion Ile de France,France

lucas evers ,stichting melkweg,netherlands

Karen O'Rourke
Ma??tre de conf??rences,Universit?? Paris 1,France

Carlos Ricardo Ulloa
Sculptor/ Installation Artist,Independent,Germany

Marck Patrick Barter
Human Being,Mankind,Canada

Elly Leary
Vice President & Bargaining Chair, Retired,UAW,USA

susan miller

Jude Calder ,USA

paul cummins

Mary Corcoran
Dr,University of Bath,England

Patricia Eakins
Author, The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste,a.k.a. fabulara,USA

Faith Wilding
Associate Professor of Art,subRosa,USA

Ricardo Dominguez
Co-Founder,Electornic Disturbance Theater,USA

Adele Henderson
Professor,University at Buffalo,USA

Ja Lindberg
Passive Consumer,V.A.D.E.R.,U.S.A.

gregory g. sholette ,public edge,united states of america

Anne Laforet ,France

Chris Miller
Publisher,MaineStreet Communications, Inc.,US

David Garcia
Professor,University of Portsmouth,England/Netherlands

Christina N Hung ,University of Maryland Baltimore County,USA

deuxant benoit ,belgium

K. Emily Walazek ,USA

Hajoe Moderegger
Adjunct Professor,City College New York,USA

Susanne Christensen
small press publisher,Gasspedal,Norway

Hershini Young
Assistant Professor,SUNY at Buffalo,USA

Stephen T Hall

Yael Kanarek

Jo-Anne Green
Associate Director,New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.,United States of America

Andy Deck

Mary A. Bisson
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biological Sciences,University at Buffalo,USA

Cynthia Cox
artist,ASCI (Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.,USA

Christiane Paul
Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts,Whitney Museum of American Art,USA

Anwyl McDonald ,USA

Helen Thorington
Executive Director,New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.,USA

Jonathan Marler ,USA

Paul Molinelli

hakan topal

Valentina Tanni

joy garnett ,usa

Tara Greene A.O.C.A.
consultant,Sacres Arts Centre,Canada

joshua goldberg
Video Artist,Disorient,United States

zohar kfir

Margaret Heinlen
Communications Manager,Eyebeam,US

John E. Major jr.
Bioinformatics Software Engineer,USA

helga franza

Mikhail Rutman

Jonah Peretti
Director of R&D,Eyebeam,USA

Bruce Jackson
SUNY Distinguished Professor,University at Buffalo,USA

Denise Delgado
Principal,First Person Projects,USA

Stacy Switzer
Artistic Director,Grand Arts,USA

Bethany Bristow

Elizabeth Thomas
Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art,Carnegie Museum of Art,USA

Perry Lowe
Director of Communications,Eyebeam,USA

Tal Halpern ,USA

Mark Shepard

Nancy Elaine Broskie M.D.

Bernadette Wegenstein
Dr. Ass. prof.,University at Buffalo,USA

William Egginton
Dr. Ass. Prof.,University at Buffalo,USA

Andrew Beccone
Librarian,United States of America

Jos?? Luis Brea
Profesor titular de Teor??a del Arte Contempor??neo,UCLM,Espa??a

Riccardo Pensa ,Italy

Dennis Accardo
no title,nihiltribe prod.,italy

Domenic J. Licata
Instructional Support Associate,University at Buffalo,USA

Judith Shaffer ,The Keep,ISofA

Joseph Dellinger
Director of Operations,School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art Dept,US

Daphne Muse
Writer, Social Commentator & Poet,US

Brian Holmes
Art Critic,France/USA

kristina haider ,artist,austria

Simona Sawhney
Assistant Professor,University of Minnesota,USA

Erin Donnelly
Associate Director of Programs,Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,USA

margot lovejoy
professor visual arts,S.U.N.Y. Purchase,USA

Michael Mandiberg

Ben Chun

Stephanie Rothenberg
Assistant Professor of Art,University at Buffalo,United States

Barbara J, Bono
Associate Professor,Department of English, SUNY at Buffalo,USA

Laura Schroffel
Assistant Slide Librarian,Getty,USA

Gary Crook

Patricia Fabricant ,USA

Jennifer Brannock
Special Collections Librarian,University of Southern Mississippi

amy parness ,enable arts,usa

Melissa Rivas
Retail Operations Manager,Walker Art Center,USA

Julie Jendresky
Personal Chef,USA

ariel churi
ceo,sparkle labs,usa

S. Johnson ,USA - Land of the Free

Jenny Howland
fello artist and teacher,United States of Fear, currently

Natalya Pinchuk
student,University of Illinois,USA

Kirk McCall

Rebecca Downey ,USA

Michael Hagelberg
Art Director/Research Publications,Arizona State University,US

stevphen shukaitis
editor,greenpepper magazine,Netherlands

Ricardo Miranda Zu??iga
Artist/Assistant Professor of Art,The College of New Jersey,United States

marc lafia

Nathan Grant

David Stein
Logistics Manager,SF Wine Exchange,USA

Emily Sun
Assistant Professor,Colgate University,U.S.A.

Sam Durant

marie sester ,USA

Jeffrey Barr
Curator of Rare Books,University of Florida,USA

Megan Sawyer ,USA

Sabrina Fadial

jonathan duelks ,hvexas,usa

Mark Amerika
Professor,University of Colorado,USA

Daniel C. Howe

Michael Dust
Producer - Interactive Media Group,The Minneapolis Institute of Arts,USA

Nicole Cook ,US

Tim Whidden ,MTAA,USA

Michele N. Thursz
Curator,Post Media Network,USA

Alexander Galloway
Assistant Professor,New York University,United States

Nolan Smith
Student/Office Assistant,Florida State University,USA

Christy Sawyer

Scott Sanders ,USA

Michael Wolf

Anya Lewin
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art,University of Plymouth,UK/USA

Diane Christian
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor,University at Buffalo,USA

Marc Arsenault ,USA

Pattie Belle Hastings
Associate Professor, Computer Science/Interactive Design,Quinnipiac University,USA

Reggie Prim
Community Programs Coordinator,Walker Art Center,USA

jackie sauriol
drafter,platycad drafting,usa

Roddy Hunter
Associate Director: Visual Performance,Dartington College of Arts,England

James Holstun
Professor of English,SUNY Buffalo,USA

Natalie Ebin ,USA

visual artist,canada

Kate LaMancuso
Student,United States

Deborah Allen

Stephen Manes
Chair,Dept. of Music/Professor of Music,Univ. at Buffalo/College of Arts and Sciences,USA

Kevin Kennedy

clare thornton

Craig Jensen
owner,BookLab II,U.S.A.

Joshua Sofaer
Director,London Literature Development Agency,England

roberta buiani ,Canada

Richard Hancock ,United Kingdom

Deborah Mantell

Elizabeth Chalfin
Director,Zea Mays Printmaking,USA

Gadi Geiger ,USA

lucy baldwyn ,(none),uk

Benjamin Godsill ,United States

Michael Day
Artist and Lecturer,University of Glamorgan,Wales, UK

ani magai

Carl Durose
Mr,United Kingdom

Sarah Cook
Curator,CRUMB University of Sunderland,England UK

Erin Boland

barbara yontz
assciate professor, fine art,Watkins College of Art,US

Richard Ward

Ron Chandler
Limnologist/Application Scientist,Self employed,US

Sonya Allin
Doctoral Candidate,Carnegie Mellon University,USA

Amanda Remus

Howard Clark
Owner/Craftsman,Twinrocker Handmade Paper,USA

Paula Rogers ,USA

Yucef Merhi
Artist,US - Venezuela

Helena Goldwater ,United Kingdom

James B Brannian ,USA

Hassni Malik

Robert Persson ,Canada

Peter Andersson

Megan Vossler

Young Sun Han
Consultant,Zolla/Lieberman Gallery,Chicago, IL USA

Kevin Heckman
Producing Artistic Director,Stage Left Theatre,USA

Robert Byler

Ken Martin

Christopher Lowe ,United States

Cynthia Atwood ,USA

Sanjiban Sellew ,USA

Golan Levin
Assistant Professor of Electronic Art,Carnegie Mellon University,United States

Christian Jon Thomas Foster
Student,The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,United States

Arden Bendler Browning

Chris Little
Mr,United Kingdom

Sasha Keen

Brenda Coughlin
Lecturer,Columbia University,USA

David Lasnier ,France

Ho Kim julien

Michael Millspaugh

Chris Hand
Director,Zeke's Gallery,Canada

Ed Giardina
Professor of Graphic Design,Art Institute of California-Orange County,USA

Zachary Mainen
Professor,Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,USA

marie Onoratini

Spencer Sunshine
PhD student,Dept of Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center,USA

Anthony T. Yee

Melissa Cameron Butler
Research Associate,Carnegie Mellon University,USA

Victoria Gladstone

Daniel Conrad
teacher,Baltimore Polytechnic Institute,USA

ryan griffis ,USA

Judith Levine

tad mutersbaugh
Associate Professor,University of Kentucky Department of Geography,United States

Stephen Perkins, Ph.D.
Academic Curator of Art & Professor,University of Wisconsin-Green Bay,USA

B. White ,U.S.

Donald Morin
Filmmaker/Performer,the Literacy Manufacturing Company,Canada

david herzog

Andrea Boykowycz

Richard Beban, BA, MFA
Alumni,Antioch University, Los Angeles,United States

Wendy C. Ortiz ,United States

Wendy Foster ,Canada

James and Sara Reilly ,USA

Charles Emmer
Dr.,United States of America

Andrea Cumbo Dowdy

Jenn Phillips
Professional Editor/Writing Graduate Student,Writing Well/University of Pittsburgh,United States

Erika Gomez
Graphic Designer,United States of America

Shelagh Young

Laurie Zupan Smilowitz

Carlos Nascimbene
Lic. en Ciencias de la Comunicaci??n Social,Universidad de Buenos Aires,Argentina

Nick Lyons ,USA

zachary lieberman ,USA

Seth Michael Forstater ,USA

Mary Petrosky
Principal Analyst,,USA

Julia Scher

Tran T. Kim-Trang

Laura G. Gutierrez
Assistant Professor,University of Iowa,United States of America

Richard Bamattre

Nicolas Robin ,France

Bernadette Murphy ,USA

lynn larsen

Conrad Bakker
owner/operator,Untitled Projects,USA

Rebecca Christie

Eric Dingeldein

Timothy Murray
Curator, Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell Libr,Cornell University,USA

Felix Sattler
Mr,College of Fine Arts, Sydney, AUS,GER / AUS

Frank Mace

Trevor Paglen
PhD Candidate, Dept. of Geography,U.C. Berkeley,USA

Gayle Brandeis

June-Etta Chenard ,Ontario, Canada

Scott A. Swiecki ,U.S.

Amy Alexander
Assistant Professor,University of California, San Diego,USA

Jessica Barthel

Thomas Liphard
Visiting Professor of Art,Metropolitan State College of Denver,usa

Steven L. Anderson
Co-Publisher,Cakewalk Magazine,USA

Tim Jeeves
Artist,United Kingdom

gregory daniel laynor ,all peoples power,"usa"

Anita Dacanay

Phillip Burge
Student,SUNY at Buffalo,USA

Tanya Elder

Ryan Calderhead ,USA

Gai E. Christie ,USA

Sean Lyons
Principal,CLR Media

Richard Hartung ,USA

John Solaperto
Learning Resource Mgr/ Adjunct Faculty,Applied Arts Program, Quinsigamond Comm College,USA

S D Damiecki
9/11 Survivor,New York City, USA

Julia Meltzer
Director,Clockshop,United States

Craig Paull ,USA

Mark Schafer
Visual artist,USA

Debbie U. Cahn ,US

Wadii Rabhi
Graduate Student,Canada

Halcyon Blake

Daniel Jolliffe
Artist, Graduate Associate,Ohio State University,Canada/ USA

richard wentworth
blogger,majority report radio,usa

Elizabeth Dove
Assistant Professor,University of Montana,USA

jim fetterley
production manager,california institute for the arts,United States

scott w sanderson, Oaklyn, NJ

Jeff Zilm

Marko Peljhan
Assistant professor, Interdisciplinary studies,University of California, Santa Barbara,USA,

Jennifer Warren
Co-Producer,The Salon of Living Arts Media,USA

Chad J. Vollrath
English Instructor,Pennsylvania State University,USA

Jennifer Snyder

Heather Hodges Sanchez

Spencer Owen

Michael Ulrich

Benjamin Meyers ,USA

Robyn Mericle
Graduate Student in Photography,University of Florida,USA

Millie Chen
Associate Professor,University at Buffalo,USA

Chloe Eudaly
Owner,Reading Frenzy,USA

Warren Quigley

Hans Meyer
Research Assistant, Dept. of Geography,Penn State University,USA

Bill Tomlinson
Assistant Professor,University of California, IRvine,USA

Matt Lipps ,UC Irvine,USA

Stefan Wenda ,Germany

fiona murphy

hugo durieux ,belgium

James Tindall

domenico quaranta
editor,cluster. srl,italy

Chris Mizzi
Mr,Moviment Graffitti,Malta

Ed Burton
Research and Developer Director,Soda Creative Ltd,UK

Dr Mark Leahy
Lecturer in Writing,Dartington College of Arts,United Kingdom

Dr,University of Exeter Drama Department,United Kingdom

artiste,Bureau d'etudes,France

Kellan Lawing

Mary Richards
Dr,Brunel University,England

maia gusberti ,,austria

Chris Goode
Artistic Director,Camden People's Theatre,UK

Wulf Kirschner
Managing Director,ART + PROJECT Consulting Inc.,Germany

Vera Vogelsberger
AssProf, Dr.,University of Applied Arts Vienna,Austria

Derrick Wang

Lila Yomtoob ,USA

Robin Rimbaud
Mr,Scanner,United Kingdom

ms,University of Plymouth,UK

oswald berthold ,xdv,germany

Miriam Murtin ,PALATINE,UK

Emily Snowden ,UK

Juan delGado
Visual Artist,Cremer Projects - LONDON -,UK

Niels Heidenreich ,Bauhaus University of Weimar,Germany

Kathy Brew

vicky dennison

Anja Johansen ,Norway

John F. Simon, Jr.
artist,United States

Cheryl Cheney
Lab Commander,MIT,USA

keith o faolain

jan thornhill ,Canada

Charles Bernstein
Professor of English,University of Pennsylvania,USA

Dr Roberta Mock
Subject Leader, Theatre & Performance,University of Plymouth,U.K.

Laura Kina
Assistant Professor,DePaul University,United States

Daniel Worden ,Brandeis University,USA

Becky Koenig ,University at Buffalo,USA

Kevin Finlayson
Artist/Graduate Student/Researcher,Concordia University,Canada

Jennifer Fisher
independent curator,DisplayCult,Canada

Alain Bieber
chief editor,rebel:art media foundation,Germany

Wendy Osher

Marc Bohlen
Assistant Professor,SUNY Buffalo,USA/Switzerland

Randall Packer
Assistant Professor,American University,United States

Dr. Jeanne Randolph
author,free citizen,Canada

mikel parent

sean donaher
executive director,big orbit gallery,USA

Greg Giesekam
Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies,University of Glasgow,Scotland

Ana Rewakowicz
Artist,Concordia University,Canada

Gisele Amantea
Associate Professor,Concordia University,Canada

Nadine Norman
Artist,Canada / France

Richard Fung
Associate Professor,Ontario College of Art and Design,Canada

Joanne M. Crofts
Marketing Assistant,Center for the Arts,United States of America

Clifford Borress

jake moore ,canada

Zoe Brown

Louise W. May
Director,St. Norbert Arts Centre,canada

Coin Berndt ,Fraunhofer ev,Germany

Hyla Willis
Assistant Professor of Communication,Robert Morris University,USA

annie abrahams

Roar Sletteland
Manager,BEK - Bergen Center for Electronic Arts,Norway

Nick Miller
Vice-President,Independent Music Organization,United States of America

Fritz Menzer

Diana Oleskevich ,USA

Michael Betz ,United States of Amnesia

gabriella giannachi
dr,Lecturer in Theatre Studies, University of Lancaster,uk

Sandra Alland

Julia Lee Barclay ,U.S.A.

Jamie O''Neil

Nicholas Stedman
Access Coordinator,InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre,Canada

Eric Schaub ,America

Peter Weibel
Professor,ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe,Germany

Claire Kahane
Professor (Emerita) of English,University at Buffalo,USA

Nick Kaye
Professor,Chair in Drama, Manchester University,UK

Karen A. Dunn
Marketing Associate,UB Center for the Arts,USA

Leigha Horton
Performing Arts Assistant,Walker Art Center,USA

rigaud jerome ,switzerland

Tom Leonhardt
Director,Ping Media Network,Canada

Leslie Haynes

Jeff Gompertz
Director,Fakeshop / Volume,USA /

Nancy Campbell
Adjunct Curator,The Power Plant,Canada

Wayne Baerwaldt
Director,The Power Plant,Canada

John Farah

Sabrina Smith

Anderson Wrangle ,USA

Chris Coleman
Assistant Professor,SCSU,USA

Moshe Birdsong
First-Limbed Naturalization,First-Limbed Naturalizing Institution of Greater Alberta,canada

Elizabeth Switzer ,USA

Dan Edes
Manager,Barnes and Noble College Stores,USA

Marc Fischer

Ingrid Bachmann
Associate Professor,Concordia University,Canada

Barbara Ruth Robbins ,Portland, OR, USA

Elise Berk

Claudia Solis
Executive Director,Art League Houston,United States of America

Rev. Janaka Stucky
Chief Poetry Editor,WPC-Essential Books,USA

Evan Tapper

Camille Breaux


Mary Stebbins ,Baldwinsville, NY, USA

Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer
Owner,Selkie Bindery,USA

S. Denniston

Bernie Miller

farhang jalali
Freedom of Speech.,Visual Artist,Canada

Somara Zwick ,USA

susanne slavick
Head, School of Art,Carnegie Mellon,USA

Jessica Field ,Canada

andrew johnson
Assistant Professor of Art,University at Buffalo,USA

allison titus

Erik J. Frick
Artist,United States

Tricia Middleton

thierry wilfried

Erik Buelinckx
Anarchist Art Historian,Belgium

Xandra Eden
Assistant Curator,The Power Plant,Canada

Hank Bromley
Associate Professor,University at Buffalo - SUNY,United States

Michelle M. ,Canada

Tim Bouchard
student,University At Buffalo,United States

Sarah Drury

Kevin Stamper
Student,Georgia Institute of Technology,USA

Terri Kapsalis
Adjunct Associate Professor,School of the Art Institute of Chicago,USA

William H. Kinney
Assistant Professor,Dept. of Physics, University at Buffalo, SUNY,USA

Tali Weinberg ,canada

Liz Rosenfeld ,Graduate Student at the Art Institute of Chicago,USA

Insoon Ha ,Korea

Steve Miller ,United States

Monica Guddat ,Crevice Collective,Canada

Peter Hudson ,New York, USA

Kate Speed ,USA

Matthew Brown
MFA,Concordia University,Canada

Dot Spink

Richard Calendar
Professor,University of California,USA

Natalia Mager
Associate Director,Luhring Augustine,US

Dan S. Wang ,USA

Thomas Feulmer

dimos dimitriou

James Missen
Cultural Policy Intern,Canadian Conference of the Arts

Claudia Altman-Siegel ,Luhring Augustine,USA

Rebekah Sheldon
Adjunct Professor,CUNY Graduate School,USA

Thomas Severn
AppleCare Specialist,Apple Computer, Inc.,USA

Elizabeth Licata

Bebie-Valerian ,Prune&Clite,France

Leslie Kruzicki ,independent citizen,United States of America

David Kpossou
compositor & musician,France

Luis Jacob

Tom Jennings
technician,University of California, Irvine,USA

Luke Painter
grad student,Concordia University,Canada

Adrienne Spier

Joanne Hui

Jan O'Connell ,USA

Jeremy Turner
Artist, Writer, Curator,536 Arts Collective,Canada

Hugh Jarvis
Librarian,University at Buffalo,USA

Jill Rellinger
Librarian,United States

Jennifer Leonard ,Canada

Noah Shibley ,USA

Mary Farrell

Mr. Kyle Lusk ,Appalachian State University,US

Julia Steinecke
Freelance Writer,Canada

spoletini valerio

Ken Goldberg
Professor, IEOR and EECS,UC Berkeley,USA

Hyunjoo Oh
Artist,The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,USA

Pierre-Abraham Rochat

Teresa M. Foley
Media Literacy Arts Education,Pittsburgh Filmmakers,USA

Mr W Aitchison
Researcher/lecturer,Goldsmiths College,UK

Derek Heck

Nathan DeSelms ,United States of America

Melissa Nicolardi ,USA

Alissa Clarke

Patricia Godoy
Student,UB,United States

Seiji Carpenter

Eric Fixler ,United States

Valerie Lamontagne
Artist / Curator,MobileGaze,Canada

Nancy Price
Instuctor and technician,NSCAD University,Canada

Maria Molinari

Allan Antliff
Canada Research Chair, Art History,University of Victoria,Canada


Mary Legier Biederman
UCLA Graduate Art History student,USA

Matthew Robinson ,USA

Don Simmons
Professor of Media Art and Digital Technologies,Alberta College of Art & Design,Canada

Douglas W. Milliken

Margaret Dragu

Cindy ,Canada

Gail Wight
Assistant Professor,Stanford University,USA

robyn smith
security,st. norbert arts center,canada

james holland
artist/ educator,university at buffalo (adjunct lecturer),usa

James Jordan

Gale Allen
VP ACADEMIC,Alberta College of Art and Design Students' Association,Canada

Erika Wanenmacher
culture witch

Tim Pozar ,US

Virginia Pannabecker ,USA

Ashlee Weitlauf

Graham Larkin ,Stanford University

Amy Hicks ,Stanford University,USA

Catherine Page Harris ,Stanford University Graduate Art Program,United States of America

Joe Ahearn
Writer,United States

Neil Callaghan ,england, uk

Bryan J. Wolf
Jeanette and William Hayden Jones Professor in American Art,Stanford University,USA

David Grenier

Zahra Mani ,Austria

Karin Schorm ,Austria

Oron Catts
Artistic Director,SymbioticA- School of Anatomy & Human Biology, University of Western Australia,Australia

Steve Goldhaber
Outraged Citizen,USA

Melody Idakaar

Judith Duchan
Professor emeritus,University at Buffalo,USA

Margo Ray
Master of Fine Art Student,Concordia University,Canada

pete driessen
visual artist/adjunct instructor,college of visual arts,usa

Vaughn Bell
Artist,Massachusetts College of Art,USA

Maureen Cunningham
American Citizen,United states

George Lasocki
Mr.,Concerned Citizen,Canada

John W. Puderbach
North American Chair,International Court of the Environment Foundation,USA

Caroline Koebel
Assistant Professor of Media Study,The University at Buffalo, State Univ. of NY,USA

Ashley Donabedian ,USA

Kyle Schlesinger
Assistant Professor of Media Study,The University at Buffalo, State Univ. of NY,USA

Traci Sym ,USA

keny marshall

Jennifer Wiegand

Carin Mincemoyer

Gaianne Jenkins

David Rokeby

Michael Murphy
human,Earth,does not compute

michael d. hart

Charles Alexander
Executive Director,Chax Press,USA

E. Carrie Sheret

Erica Eaton
Artist,Evolutionary Girls Club,USA

Christine M. Gauvreau
Director,Labor Art and Mural Project,US

Jill Benware

Corey Fischer ,Traveling Jewish Theatre,USA

Marilyn Kirsch

Anna Skarbek

Alma Cahn ,U.S.A.

Tess Williams
honorary research fellow,SymbioticA,Australia

Mike Alewitz
Artistic Director,LaBOR aRT & MuRAL PRoJECT,USA

Lorelie Sarauer
Sessional Lecturer/artist,University of Saskatchewan,Canada

Stephen Whiteman
PhD Candidate, History of Art,Stanford University,USA

Roberto Sanchez-Camus
Artistic Director,Blank Collective,United States

Randy Brumbaugh ,USA

Edwin Houghton ,USA

irene hofmann
curator of contemporary art,orange county museum of art,USA

Cecilia Chen
B. Arch.,Canada

Shawn A. Bailey
Associate Professor / Research Fellow,Concordia University - SymbiotikA (University of Western Australia),Canada

Randy Bush
Principal Scientist,IIJ

Marti Louw ,USA

carole f smith

Gordon Edlin

Maile Yawata

Jennifer Willet
Part Time Professor,Concordia University,CANADA

Cameron Foster ,Australia

Sandy L. ,Canada

Steve Dietz

lynn hershman
professor of art,university of California,usa

nathaniel stern
artist / lecturer,Minneapolis College of Art and Design,South Africa

Fabian Wagmister


Matthijs Bouw
director,One Architecture,Netherlands

Pablo Helguera

Kalman Spelletich
Artist, teacher,,San Francisco State University,USA

Lauren Scime
student,San Francisco Art Institute,USA

silvia righetti

Patrick Galea ,Dripht (rock band)

Jon Thomson
Mr,The Slade School of Fine Art,United Kingdom

Alison raighead
Ms,CARTE, University of Westminster,United Kingdom

Catherine Laws
Dr.,Dartington College of Arts,England

Tim Coster
Mr,New Zealand

Maria Roussou
Computer Scientist,University College London,UK

Michael Naimark


Fanizadeh Andreas
Editor,ID Verlag,Germany


Stephen Knapper
Dr,Kingston University,UK

Kim Machan
Director,MAAP-Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc,Australia

Jessica Colman ,France


Aliette Guibert
Publisher Producer Director,criticalsecret/ubiprodedis S.A,/ RCS Paris B 437 693 971 (2001B10722),France

Mark Swiecki ,United States

Frank Korman

Flora McGarrell ,SAIC,USA

Holly Kim Wilson ,United States

G.H. Hovagimyan
Professor,School of Visual Arts,USA

Nathan Martin
Research Fellow / Artist in Residence,STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Carnegie Mellon University,USA

Matthew Tuite ,USA

Amra Brooks
Teacher, Graduate Student,USA

Darrin Martin
Visiting Assistant Professor,Alfred University,USA

marie minas
graphic designer,Canada

Mick Mangan
Professor,De Montfort University,United Kingdom

John Ho
SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Physics,University at Buffalo,USA

Brian Goldfarb
Associate Professor of Communication,University of California, San Diego,USA

Jennifer Bayles
Educator for Special Projects,Albright-Knox Art Gallery,USA

David Stairs
Associate Professor,Central Michigan University,USA

Elayne Rapping
Professor of American Studies,UB/SUNY

Alona Fryman

Krista Connerly
Visiting Professor,Grand Valley State University,USA

Willow Barnett

Burak Arikan ,,Turkey

Jane D. Marsching
Professor,Art Institute of Boston,USA

Cynthia Chris
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow,Washington University in St. Louis,USA

Joshua Space

Thomas Gaudynski ,U.S.A.

Ed Luce

Tammy Brackett ,USA

Polly Monear ,USA

Christopher Craychee ,USA

Paul Zarembka
Professor of Economics,SUNY at Buffalo,USA

Kathy Weisensel ,USA

David Roman
Director,Standard Gallery,USA

wallace heim
ms,Lancaster University,United Kingdom

Katie Sullivan

Alec Michod

Erin Siegal

Chris Anderson

carmin karasic
artist,Boston Cyberarts,USA

Marcus Miller ,galerie articule (Montr??al),Canada

Marjorie Morgan
Professor of Theater,The Boston Conservatory,USA

thomas willomitzer ,austria

Rachel Harrison
Artist , Asst. Professor of Art,Columbia University, NY,the land of freedom fighters, America

Cristina S. Lopez

Konrad Becker
Director,Institute for New Culture Technologies,Austria

Heather Osborn

Gabrielle Fastman ,USA

kristin a baum ,united states

Scott Bricker ,USA

Steve Frost ,Evolutionary Girls Club,United States

Jason A. Malikow
M.A. candidate,English Department, University at Buffalo.,United States of America

Deborah Aschheim
Lecturer, Studio Art,UC Irvine,USA

Tom Bendtsen

Julie Beverly ,University of Plymouth,UK

Jennifer McMackon ,Canada

Amy Sillman
Artist/Professor, Bard College,USA

Dr. Theodore Pelton
Chair, Humanities Department,Medaille College, Buffalo, NY,USA

Isabelle Hayeur

Meg Linton ,USA

Bob Nickas

Kenneth Dauber
Professor,State Univ. of NY at Buffalo,USA

Jeffrey W. Chermely

Brian Collier
Artist/Curator/Director,Room 305 Gallery,USA

Carol J. Hobson
New Media Arts Manager,UC San Diego,USA

abigayil flackman
artistic historical gardener,St Norbert Arts Centre,Canada

Cheryl A. Jackson
Teacher,Buffalo Public Schools,USA

Laurel Beckman
Assistant Professor of Art,University of California Santa Barbara,USA

Katie Spicer
Curatorial Workstudy,Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre,Canada

Dave Shim

Geoff Lillemon
Director of Hysteria,Oculart

LINDSEY L FOELL ,Museum of Anthropology,Canada

Victoria Vesna
Media Artist / Professor,UCLA,USA

Amanda Wallwin

bettina escauriza ,usa

Ted Byfield
Associate Chair, Communication Design,Parsons School of Design,USA

Sandra Dametto
Producer,HorizonZero, Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre,Canada

d. Sherlock
Instructor/Independent Curator,Alberta College of Art and Design,Canada

joseph tabbi
professor,university of illinois,usa

Jim Goertz
Owner/Operator,Media Shepherd,Canada

myron campbell
graphic designer / new media artist,the fragile circus,canada

Tiffany Christensen

Jon Kessler
Chair,Columbia University, School of the Arts,USA

Katie Parker
Web Designer,United States

Paula Miller

Linda Nagaoka

Ben Robertson
Student,University at Buffalo,USA

Kimberly Baker ,United States

A. Joan Saab
Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture,University of Rochester,USA

Emily Treatt ,USA

Katrina Martin
Artist,United States

Jennifer Johnson
student,Alberta College of Art and Design,Canada

R Raley
Asst Professor of English,UC Santa Barbara,USA

Sharon Mizota

Evangelos Courpas
Artist,Alfred University,USA

Peter Conlin

Brian Stillman
Managing Editor,Revolver Magazine/Harris Publications,United States

Peter Samis
Associate Curator of Education,San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,USA

David Parisi

Benjamin Weil
Curator of Media Arts,SFMOMA,USA

Jacqueline Welch
artist, art teacher, graduate student at Vermont College,Vermont College MFA Program in Visual Art,USA

Dousse Jacques ,Switzerland

Craig Buckley
Phd Candidate,Princeton University,USA

Tara McDowell
Curatorial Associate for Painting and Sculpture,SFMOMA,USA

Dr. Michael Boyce

Heide Solbrig
PhD. Candidate,University of California, San Diego,U.S.A.

Jennifer Hayashida

Kara Tucina Olidge
Project Consulant,Arts Council in Buffalo & Erie County,USA

Palo Fabu?? ,Slovakia

Neil Robert Graf ,USA

student,Media and Interactive design

Joan Fabian
Fulbright Scholar/Artist,San Antonio College,United States

Miriam Paeslack

xtine burrough
Faculty,The Art Institute of California, Orange County,USA

Marla Misunas
Collections Information Manager,San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,USA

Jim Abramson ,USA

Sarah Warren
Assistant Professor of Art History,James Madison University,USA

paulette phillips
Associate Professor,Ontario College of Art and Design,Canada

Benjamin Weil
Curatorial Chair,Eyebeam,USA

shari hatt ,shari hatt photography,canada

Susanna Kittredge ,USA

Keith Sanborn
Lecturer,Program in Visual Studies, Princeton University,USA

Iris Bechtol

Wayne Gonzales
Artist,United States

David Abel ,USA

Angelo Sacerdote


Jessica Halonen
Visiting Professor,Trinity University,San Antonio, TX

Lisa Siegel ,USA

Corey Schultz ,Art Department, Stanford University

Fabienne Delpy
PhD candidate,Stanford University,USA

Isabel Ancona

Suzanne Miller
Dr.,University at Buffalo,Erie

Sharon Daniel
Associate Professor,University of California, Santa Cruz,USA

Rachael Hetzel ,Univeristy at Buffalo,USA

Lynn Cazabon
Assistant Professor,University of Maryland, Baltimore County,USA

Bill Marsh
Graduate Student,UC San Diego,USA

Mike Pecen
Public Relations Coordinator,Southwest School of Art & Craft,United States

Brian Clements
Editor,Firewheel Editions,USA

Adriene Jenik
Associate Professor, Computer & Media Arts,UC, San Diego, Visual Arts Dept.,USA

Ryan Pierce ,USA

Wei-Lien Hung
graduate student,University at Buffalo,Taiwan

Miles Montalbano

Stephanie Pau ,San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,USA

Christian L Heinold ,USA

Aurora Josephson
President,AuroraRising Productions,USA

Abbey Clements

MItchell Joachim, AIA
Architect,PhD at MIT,USA

Wendy Jacob
Assistant Professor,MIT,USA

Maureen G. Shanahan, J.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Art Department,SUNY Oswego,US

Jean Lamberty
Concerned American,USA

Brenda Hillman
poet in residence,Saint Mary's College,USA

Michel Delville
Junior Professor of English,University of Li??ge,BELGIUM

Grant Kester
Associate Professor, Art History,University of California, San Diego,USA

Fred Lonidier
Professor,U.C. San Diego,USA

Renee Ruffino
Creative Design Director,University at Buffalo,USA

Brian David Skar ,Spain

Marleen Stikker
director,Waag Society,Netherlands

David Antin
Professor of Visual Arts,Univ. of California, San Diego,USA

Michael A Conway
Photographer,Art Institute of Boston,USA

Donna Riley
Assistant Professor, Picker Engineering Program,Smith College,USA

Geoffrey G. O'Brien ,USA

Roy Koshy

Brett Stalbaum
Lecturer, psoe, coordinator, ICAM,University of California, San Diego,USA

lynn hughes
Associate Professor,Concordia University,Canada

Jennifer Seely ,USA

Ronnie E. Wright
Director of Technical Operations,Parsons School of Design,U.S.A

LeNor Barry

Jerome Rothenberg
Professor Emeritus, Visual Arts & Literature,University of California, San Diego,U.S.A.

Beatriz Flores

Beau Takahara
Director and CEO,ZeroOne: The Art and Technology Network,USA

Elaine K. Pease
Associate Professor/ Catalog Librarian,Millersville University,USA

Titia Hulst

Shauna Kennedy ,Canada

Radosh Piletich
Development Officer,New York Foundation for the Arts,USA

Carrie Bodle

Laura J. Lindsey
Freelance Paralegal Journalist,USA

Jackie Munoz
Student,Art Institute of Boston,USA

Ellen Gould
Writer/Singer/Artistic Director,Ministry of Light,Spain

Stephen Zadrozny
Student,Art Institute of Boston,USA

Mario Scattoloni
Visual Artist/Photographer,Ministry of Light,Espa??a

Karen Rapp
Graduate Student,Stanford University

Penelope Umbrico

Ena Fox
Director of Education,Institute of Contemporary Art,USA

Chad Gerth
Senior Service Bureau Technician,The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,USA

Cordula Peters

Kelly Nuti ,USA

Ho-Leung Ng
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,University of California, Berkeley,United States

Barbara DeGenevieve
Professor,School of the Art Institute of Chicago,USA

Olivier Hamant

Janet Owen ,USA/UK

Jeffrey Skoller
Associate Professor,The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,United States

Bruni Burres
Director,Human Rights Watch Film Festival,USA

Bradley tuck

zachary poff
artist, educator,USA

Simon Wagner
MA,Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,Austria

John James Bono
Student,State University of New York at Buffalo,USA

Jane Simon
Curator of Exhibitions,Madison Museum of Contemporary Art,USA

Shary Boyle
visual artist,Canada

Genevieve Waller

E. Gee

Kate Wilson
visual artist,Canada

Glenneth Lambert
artist / Ex. Director / owner,The FINE ART Cafe',USA

Kira Petry ,USA

David Sweeney

John Palmer
Film Programmer,American Cinematheque,USA

Carmen Victor
Curatorial Assistant,Blackwood Gallery,Canada

Kirsten Bradley
Artist,Cicada Productions,Australia

Liisa Pine
Instructor, Welding and Metal Fabrication,USA

beverly tang

Eleanor Antin
Emeritus Professor,University of California at San Diego,USA

Mischa Chicoine

Emily Evans
Advertising Executive,Self Employed,U.S.A.

David Goldes
Professor,Minneapolis College of Art and Design,USA

Annamary Fitzgerald ,USA

Todd Grimes

Wendy Surinsky ,USA

Margaret Cogswell-Kolb

beverly reiser ,Internatioal Society for the arts, science and Technology,usa

Jen DT ,Canada

Toni Mosley

Heather Royce-Roll ,Canada

John Graf

Melissa Foster ,U.S.A.

adam chao
producer,Madame Chao Productions,United States

Christine Lorenz
Adjunct Professor,Duquesne University,United States of America

Audrey Thompson

Joseph Potts

Tomas Jonsson
Programming Director,The New Gallery,Canada

Paul Antze
Associate Professor,York University,Canada

juliana snapper ,U.C. San Diego,USA

Pamela M. Lee
Associate Professor,Stanford University,U.S.A.

Dr. Eric H. Nyberg
Associate Professor,Carnegie Mellon University,USA

Erica Pastore
student,University at Buffalo,USA

Ryan Frederick
Student,Alberta College of Art and Design,Canada

Barbara Fitzgerald ,United States

Arri Weeks

Cira Pascual Marquina ,SPARK salon script show sound,USA / Spain

Chris Gilbert
Curator of Contemporary Art,The Baltimore Museum of Art,USA

Yvonne Rainer
choreographer, filmmaker,USA

Amy Gogarty
Chair, Liberal Studies (as of July 1, 2004),Alberta College of Art & Design,Canada

Julia Reodica

Katie Thomas ,USA

Eddie Gonzales

Scott Healy

Constance Penley
Professor,University of California, Santa Barbara,US

Leona Christie
Assistant Professor of Art,University at Albany (SUNY-Albany),USA

Jordan Geiger ,Ga-Ga,USA

Damian Martinez ,USA

HipHop Artist,Underdogg Entertainment Group,Netherlands

John Muse ,United States

jane coakley

Jen Thomas
Proprietor,Veronica Press

Tos Mahoney
Artistic Director,Tura NEw Music,Australia

Eileen Yoshina

Kira O'Reilly ,Independent artist,United Kingdom

Tuomo Tammenp????
media artist,Finland

David R. Bard ,Canisius College, Class of 2005,United States

David Lyttle

pauline williams
visual artist,independent,Australia

marc garrett
director,Furtherfield,United Kingdom

Renata Filipovic ,USA

Hunter Husar

c ward

Emine Noyan ,Turkey

Orlando Mathias

bituur esztreym
finno-magyar filolog,v.n.a.t.r.c.?,France

Matt Adams ,Blast Theory,United Kingdom

Ken Saylor ,United States

Rachel Jacpbs ,Active Ingredient,England

Matt Watkins
Artist,Active Ingredient,UK

Daniel Bester
President,Daniel Bester, Inc.,United States of America

kamal ackarie
technical director,England

Matt Locke ,UK

Paul Dungworth
Mr,The FleaPit,United Kindom

zyka leopold

Ami Tallman ,Art Center College of Design,USA

yara elsherbini

Rachel Lowther

Natalie Hunter ,UK

leon cmielewski ,australia

David B Brody
Independent Artist,USA

Karl Karntz
Video Networking Engineer,USA

Josephine Starrs
Faculty member,University of Sydney,Australia

James Huckenpahler

Meredith Malone ,United States

Phyllis Galembo
professor,u at albany,us

Jennifer Dalton

Penny E. Wyatt

Amy Griffin

Shawn C. Knight
Systems Programmer,Carnegie Mellon University,USA

Colette Gaiter

Dexter Buell ,United States

Jennifer Strobel
Mrs.,United States of America

Rachel Gockley
Graduate Student,Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University,USA

justin warren ,usa

Robin Michals
Assistant Professor,New York City College of Technology,USA

Annette Krag-Jensen
Research Analyst,University of Pittsburgh,USA

Jacob Samuel

Alycia Scott ,U.S.A

Una Chaudhuri
Professor of English and Drama,New York University,USA

Lukasz Lysakowski ,wildlifeanalysis,usa

Helen Cole

Kevin L. Papendick ,USA

Emily Hage
PhD Candidate,University of Pennsylvania,USA

Michael Freimuth

Ernestine Daubner
PhD, Research in Art and Biotechnologies,GRAM, Universit?? du Qu??bec ?? Montr??al,Canada

Amy Broestl
Grad Student,University of Pittsburgh,USA

Jonathan Shandell
Theater Critic, Theater Historian, Professor of Drama,USA

Kent Howard ,USA

Lynne Martin

Corinna Ghaznavi
Critic and Curator,Independent,Canada

Deborah Jack
Adjunct Professor/ Artist,University at Buffalo,USA

ian watson

Joy Messinger ,Evolutionary Girls Club,USA

Regan L. Grusy
Development Director,Exit Art,United States

Ken Tivey ,Occupied USA

Sean McCallum

Kris Philipp
artist/activist,Kentucky Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression,US

Yannick Comenge
Doctor in Microbiology,FRANCE

Nina Lewallen
Assistant Professor,Auburn University,USA

Michelle Wilson
President,Philadelphia Women's Caucus for Art,USA

Susan Hopkins

Thea Temple ,USA

Melissa Brusca ,United States

James Leadbitter
n/a,the vacuum cleaner,United Kingdom

Susannah Bartlow ,USA

John R. Hall

Benoit Pontbriand ,Canada

Adam D I Kramer
Research Associate,Carnegie Mellon University,USA

georgia sabol

Carolyn Klumpp ,Netherlands

Sabine Himmelsbach
Exhibition Director,ZKM Centre for Art and Media,Germany

Thaddeus J. Ciambor III
Assistant Director of Library,Monroe Comunity College Library,USA

Douglas Sery
Editor,The MIT Press,United States

Nick Rusnov

Bernard Blanc
litterary translator,France

Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Ph.D.
Research Fellow,University of California, Berkeley,US

Laura Bartlow ,USA

Mary Rodriguez
Art Student,USF

Sean Salmon ,United States of America

Eric Francoeur

Carolyn Cushing ,Artists of Change,United States

Jocelyn Foye
Designer,USA, california

Jeff Davis ,USA

Diane Bonder

Sarah E. Wright
Seminary student,Claremont School of Theology,United States of America -- I thought

Nicholas Sammond
Assistant Professor,Hobart and William Smith Colleges,United States

Luc Carissimo

J.J. McMurtry
Professor, Business and Society,York University,Canada

Giacomo Verde

[epidemiC] crew
research group,IT

Daniel C. Hallin
Professor,University of California, San Diego,USA

Dr. Paul Stanford ,U.S.A.

Cal Crawford

Brian Pfeffer

Curtis Swope

Giles Lane
Mr,Proboscis,United Kingdom

Cynthia Ekle ,USA

Monja Merkel ,USA

Carlton Evans

Michael Ned Holte ,USA

Michael Mateas
Assistant Professor,The Georgia Institute of Technology,USA

maxine K Kelly

Andy Fabo
artist, art educator,critic, independent curator,Toronto Canada

alison sant ,usa

G. J. Gollinger ,University of Pittsburgh,USA

Dirk Adams
fellow art and American,USA

Maxine Chernoff
Professor of Creative Writing,San Francisco State University,USA

Corinna Ripps Schaming
Associate Director/Curator,University Art Museum/ University at Albany/ SUNY,USA

Paul Hoover
Visiting Professor of Creative Writing,San Francisco State University,USA

Dylan Miner
Doctoral Student,University of New Mexico,USA

cheryl casteen
Gallery Chair,Arts Center of Saint Peter, MN,USA

Eve Luckring
Associate Professor,Orange Coast College,U.S.A.

Tom Andriuk
Media Artist,Canada

Derek Barton

Michael Workman ,USA


Perry Hoberman
Visiting Professor,University of Southern California,United States

Jenny Smrekar ,San Francisco Art Institute,USA

Mark Rodgers

Susan Peehl ,USA

Caryn Cline
Member of the Faculty,The Evergreen State College,USA

Daniel L. Nolting
Librarian,Chatham College,USA

Daniel Dalseth

Dara Silverman ,United States

Kerin Rozycki
social worker,WNY DDSO,USA

Rebecca Weaver
Solid Waste Specialist,PA Dept. of Environmental Protection,USA

James Mitchell ,USA

Nancy Norris

David E. Gibson
Consultant,Progessive Prospects Development,USA

Matthew Wiggins
Library Manager,Jean Outland Chrysler Library/The Chrysler Museum of Art,USA

Cindy Abel Morris
Collection Manager,Bunting Slide Library, University/NM,USA

hannah lee

Danny Goodwin
Assistant Professor of Art,U. Albany, SUNY,USA

Lauren Pring ,United States of America

Cease Wyss
Principal,CeaseFire Productions,Canada

Bridget Murphy
Program Officer,Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue,USA

Terri Boccia

Sallyann Kluz ,United States of America

Fine Fran??ois ,France

Amada Cruz

michael bullock
musician and label head,Chlo??,United States

Molly Hutton Marder
Asst. Registrar,Chrysler Museum of Art,USA

Kati Koerner ,New York, NY

Sarah Emily de Araujo
Instructor,Bowling Green State University,USA

Brian Bishop
Assistant Professor of Art,The University of Alabama,USA

Rachel Hulin ,ICP

Ken Ehrlich

Stephanie Syjuco
Graduate student,Stanford University,USA

Martin C. Martin
Postdoctoral Associate,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,USA

Chuck Richardson
Editor, Founding Partner,Niagara Buzz,United States

Peter Randlette
Media Producer,The Evergreen State College,USA

Antonio Cerveira-Pinto
Artist,Aula do Risco,Portugal

susan festa

Paul Hertz
Co-Director, Center for Art and Technology,Northwestern University,USA

Noel Salzman
Artistic Director,The Butane Group,USA

Beth Bachenheimer
artist,Individual,united states of america

Tejaswi Kasturi

rosina santana
profesor,escuela de artes plasticas de puerto rico,puerto rico

Carla Mundwiler
artist,not available,Canada

Susan Kingsley

John Stanley ,USA

David C. Hower
Musician,Spanish For Hitchhiking (Band),USA

Andrew de Araujo

dave stevens
social worker,winnipeg regional heath authority,canada

Monty Berke ,USA

craig bjerring

Janice Ledgerwood ,United States

Antoinette LaFarge
Associate Professor of Digital Media,University of California, Irvine,U.S.A.

G. Fong ,USA

Thea Gray ,USA

Kathleen Stone
Assistant Professor,Henry Cogeswell College,USA

Adrian J. Christie, M.D.
Laboratory Director,St John Macomb Hospital, Michigan,USA

Miwon Kwon
Associate Professor,UCLA,USA

Julie DeCesare ,USA

Tom Baker ,USA

Carolyn Tennant
Student of Steve Kurtz,SUNY Buffalo,United States

Alik Widge
Student,Carnegie Mellon University,USA

Amy Marie Pederson
Ph.D. Candidate,University of California, Los Angeles,USA

Carol Duncan
Professor of Art History,Ramapo College of New Jersey,USA

Tom Kreuzer
Citizen,Buffalo NY,USA

PEAN Fr??d??rique
primary teacher,SUD Education,france

Jocelyn Rowlands

Michel Oren ,USA

M. Paige Taylor

Artist and President,Toronto Student Art Union,Canada

Jennifer Calvo

Darko Fritz
artist / curator,Croatia / Netherlands

veronika gerhard
ma,university of fine arts, berlin,germany

Walter Little
Assistant Professor,SUNY Albany

rosie sanders ,Rr-Matic, Inc.,USA

brook lane ,usa

Laura Kissel
filmmaker,United States

Rebecca Smith Gross

Leah Johnstone-Mosher
Student,Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University,US

April Blankenship

Ken Rowe
Dean, School of Digital Arts,Henry Cogswell College,USA

Christopher J. Knight ,USA

a. williams

Angela Gaalema
teacher,Colorado Technical University,USA

Carol Squiers
Curator,International Center of Photography,USA

M Macken

Mary McLeod
Dr.,Columbia University,USA

Elliott Durko Lynch
Mr.,University of Minnesota,USA

Carola Spadoni

Lindsey R. Wyckoff

Channa Horwitz

Chris Gregory

Gwendolyn Alker ,New York University

Kristin L Humbargar

Kelina Gotman ,Columbia University,USA

Kate Seekings ,dorkbot-sea,USA

Carolyn Faber ,USA

Eric Paulos
Research Scientist / Artist,Intel Research / Experimental Interaction Unit (EIU),USA

sandra phillips ,usa

Juliet Kiri Palmer

Laurel Lovell ,United States

Luke Olson
Light Lab Manager,University of Minnesota,United States of America

Lisa D. Moore

Hugh Edwards
Free Citizen,USA

Rachel Lemke
PermaCulture Activist,St. Norbert Arts Centre,canada

kristie hamm
seamstress,St.Norbert Arts Community,canada

stacey saleff ,phila, PA

Angelo Carstonorto

Kaza Razat
Designer/ Artist,USA

Margaret Matson

Ryan Holden

Joanie Fritz Zosike
Actor, director, writer

Rodney Jonathan White

Bits Dansberry ,USA

Andrew Natale
Computer Support Technician,Art Institute of Chicago,USA

Vlada Tomova ,USA

Sandy Mueller ,USA

Helen Workman
M .A. EdTech,Canada

Bruce R. Mathews ,United States of America

Jodi Hays
Asst. Director,Cambridge Art Association,USA

Michelle Kasprzak

Abby Bridge

Heidi L Nordberg
Phd Candidate,Emory University,USA


Jenelle Porter ,USA

Ophra Wolf ,Pursue the Pulse,United States

Janis Ekdahl

Mark O'Connell ,United States

Andrew Hewitt

Alicia Patrice
Fine Arts Librarian,USA

ugg boot woman
ugg boot woman,ugg boot woman,Italy

Javier Rosa ,United States of America

Dr. James E. Dunn and Penny Lynn Dunn
Managing Editor and Editor in Chief,Tacenda Literary Publications,USA

Dr. James E. Dunn and Penny Lynn Dunn
Managing Editor and Editor in Chief,Tacenda Literary Publications,USA